At Veron Umbrella Co. Ltd, we specialize in the development and production of the Veron Umbrella, a smart and innovative version of the classic umbrella. Our company is based in Vancouver British Columbia, one of the rainiest metropolitan cities in the world.


Living in a rainy city requires us to always have an umbrella on hand, it is indeed one of our most "must have essential items.” But with over several hundreds of other umbrellas on the market, all with the same designs and same substandard functions, we at Veron knew that we could transform the regular umbrella, and improve it to become the Veron Umbrella.

We revolutionized the ordinary umbrella, and created a new umbrella so enjoyable to use that people would actually look forward to the bad weather to use it!

We have made it smarter, more comfortable and sturdier, than the simpler design that we already know of. We've quite literally inverted the whole idea of the conventional umbrella.

The Veron Umbrella allows users to multitask on the go, keep them and their surroundings completely dry, and allow users to have one of the most unique and enjoyable bad weather experiences. We want to offer our users with an umbrella that is both unsurpassed in quality and at an affordable price.

Our Vision

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