Veron Umbrella | Turquoise

Veron Umbrella | Turquoise

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Veron Umbrella is designed smarter, built to last and will provide one of the most unique and enjoyable bad weather experiences – truly keeping you and your surroundings dry.

  • Description

    • Unique reverse folding mechanism and double layered canopy retains the residual water inwards, whilst exposing on the dry side outwards. Keeping you and your surroundings, drip free


    • Innovative inverted design allows the umbrella to be conveniently opened and closed while entering and exiting buildings, vehicles and crowded locations


    • Durable carbon fiber skeleton and unique double canopy aerodynamics can withhold wind up to 50 mph


    • Capable of self-standing when left to dry or propped-up for convenience


    • Ergonomically designed C- shape handle will keep you hands-free, when resting the shaft on your shoulder and handle on the wrist


    • Leading edge water proof technology: hydrophobic fabric repels water effectively, enabling the water to roll off the umbrella, rather than sticking to it
  • Specifications

    Coverage Diameter 41.3 in (105 cm)
    Length 32.2 in (82 cm)
    Weight 1.2 lb (540 g)
    Fabric 210 thread hydrophobic pongee
    Shaft Anodized Aluminum
    Frame system Carbon fiberglass 8-rib frame system
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